Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What's the point ?

Whats the point?
Whats the point , in anything. Everything has a point even here my ice cream. Has a point, there's not much to explain.Plain and simple usually when a child wants ice cream the parents make it happen. but then there's children in need and barely get any food. Depending on their situation either family problems or something simple as ice cream. The message i was trying to bring out to you is even if its just ice cream or simpler than that you should always be grateful.
I did my work in pencil and just shaded with the shading tool. I used lots of contrast with the shadowing and the indention of the ice cream its self. The cone had texture with the diamonds and shading involved with it.
Along with the clouds behind it to show its image more vividly. Medium i used is the value scale to help me through out the shading and build up the features of the ice cream. Techniques of shading was the shading tool and my finger through the whole paper. i was risking lot of things in my picture and that worked , also had a couple fail. The clouds were more like free drawing not really looking at a specific picture and more of the imagery through my head.