Sunday, January 12, 2014

3-D Questionable Mug??


What's so questionable about my project?
My mug has to be the weirdest one out there, they're to many handles to chose from and not know which one to grab from. The mug size is bigger then regular mugs so its questionable to know if you can drink out of it. From so many handles to chose from the mug looks like its from another world.

I used clay and glaze for this project, I like the texture it gave it and how easy it was to mold the handles. The glaze was green and made me think of slime which gave me the idea to paint it green.

I incorporated scale and proportion in this project with each handle, each one took time and effort just like any other project anyone has. The Little cubes were made individual score and slip was done. The twisted handle was added evenly because if not the handle would have fallen.