Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Swirly Snail

Up Close & Personal.

With the theme up close and personal I chose a snail to show its shell is his own kind which of course known to be personal. I made the snail different colors showing its personality. I made sure to put more emphasis on the shell. I put difference shades of blues and purples because it gave it more of a better texture. I used more emphasis on the to make it look realistic instead of the solid look on the paper. I used tempera paint since it was my first time using it and it was more of my own experiment. More of my own touch to it, to show also my favorite type of colors and textures. The tempera paint really worked out well with my piece and how the colors fade off through the circle. In my painting I took multiple risk with the whole process. With the troubles of getting out the lines. I learned a lot though with how to use the brushes and how well they do or do not mix with others. Out of the five characteristics i think my piece is more with technique, because of the forms i did with my paint brush and how I used them.