Monday, December 16, 2013

Portraits Bob Marley

 BoB Marley 

Starting out with bob i had to put together the wood which made the frame , next step was to wrap around the plastic. For the dirt and seeds to hold.
Brandon and i cut bob out with the blade, it took time but it was well worth it since it turned out so well.
I chose bob marley since i was listening to his music in class which made me get the idea of making him. The songs are really nice beat and make you realize the small joys of  life. Then as soon as i thought of him grass came to mind. I knew it would difficult but the results turned to be actually nice. Laying Down the soil was the first step. Made sure they were all tucked in the soil and left some on the top. Spraying it was pretty difficult because it dried out so quickly. The first day mo results. It took about a whole week until the grass started to grow, and another week for it to start shaping to bob Marley. Working on this portrait was really fun. I love how it was such a big challenge. There was a lot of risk taking in this project because i had no idea if the grass was going to grow since it was cold and the sun was never out for a while. The material i used which is grass, impact the artist because he is a big hippie and is also really into nature's beauty. Also who is from the natural environment. Which is how i saw the connection in this piece.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sticky and Repetition DREAMCATCHER


In this project I decided to do a dream catcher, since there is more of a inside picture. The repetition is the feathers also along with the ying yang sign. The sticky situation is through the net, its where your nightmares are caught. Its stuck in the net therefore its not with you mentally. I didn't want to make this project so literal so I thought more out the box for this idea. I used acrylic paint for this project and put it on a canvas. I feel like I mixed the colors rather well to make those certain feathers and background. The biggest challenge in this project has to be the ying yang symbol to be even as well with the circle. I'm very proud that I made this dream catcher since now its hanging very nicely on my wall.